How To Wear Womens Boots

Womens Boots 

If you would like to learn how to wear womens boots you will need to learn about their different types as well as the stylistic limitations of each type of boot. In addition to color and material, the style of the heel of women’s boots will determine the way you dress it.

High Block Heels

A high block heel, a heel on women’s boots that sits higher than three inches, will look dressier than other types of boots. You can wear high block heels with rolled up jeans, as well as dresses and skirts.

Low Block Heels

These women’s boots have a little less heel than their high block counterparts. Many women find that they can wear low block women’s boots for hours on end. Another thing that many women like is that they can wear low block heels with just about any type of outfit.

Wedge Heels

Some women have complained that they find wedge heeled boots to be somewhat limiting. However, the good thing about wedge women’s boots that many fashionistas like is that they give them an excellent alternative to high-heeled boots and booties. To determine the best outfits that will go with your womens boots Brand House Direct you will need to look at the boots’ material and toe shape.

If you have leather wedge boots with a pointed toe, wear them with black leggings or tights. Suede boots with a rounded or pointed toe can get paired with almost any outfit that would look great with a heeled boot. This flexibility comes from the fact that wedge women’s boots stand as high as many high heeled boots.

Stiletto Heels

Not all women love stiletto heeled boots. This makes sense as these types of shoes can be hard on a woman’s feet. However, stiletto boots almost always look more dressy than other types of boots. To keep the pressure off your feet, leave the stilettos for night gatherings that have more of an upscale feeling. To figure out what you should wear with your stiletto boots, you will need into account the heel height.

Stiletto boots work best for nighttime events or if you want to look polished during daytime hours. But whatever outfit you put on yourself, it’s hard not to make it at least a little more refined once you add a pair of stiletto high heels to the entire look.

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