Current Poweriser Model

We are proud to present you the new Poweriser® model.

  • Kids model – PR30/50 (30 – 50 kg weight)
  • Adult models – PR5070 (50-70 kg); PR7090 (70-90 kg); PR90120 (90-120 kg)

Due to the fact that high-tech materials are used, we had been able to improve the Poweriser® model, from materials invented & developed in the aerospace industry.

The whole concept of the knee/ calf cuff was re-designed using a textile material, which safely and comfortably fixes the leg onto the jumping stilts. The new textile knee cuff guarantuees comfort and it is fully adjustable.

All  improvements are designed and engineered in Germany  after rigourous safety testing.

Identifying features – overview

  • Adjustable snowboard bindings guarantuee safe and comfortable footing
  • Slide bearings 
  • Rubber feet for sure footing.
  • Special black shock absorber to protect the spring in this area
  • Our new knee cuff system which offers total knee support and comfort.
  • Printed Poweriser logo on the backside of the spring.

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