How Brand House Direct Operates

How Brand House Direct Operates


Brand House Direct is an online retailer that is based in Australia: the company specializes in selling 100% authentic branded shoes. Some of the products that they major in include sportswear, dresses, shoes and casual footwear for men, women, and kids. The company has been in existence for over 30 years and managed to gain a reputation in the footwear and accessories industry. Brand house direct has managed to stay at the top of the food chain in the foot and accessories by imputing a number of strategies which are unknown to its competitors. The company is constantly doing a global survey in order to get the best and most competitive deals when it comes to footwear brands. Currently, the company is dealing with over 3000 products and more than 45 brands. Some of the brands that they deal in include: Sketchers, VANS, ASICS, Nike, Caterpillar and many more brands which have gained a worldwide recognition.

Shipping Policies for customers within Australia

Brand House Direct usually ships its products through the post office or by use of couriers. Besides that, the company goes ahead to do an online tracking of the shipped products. That goes a long way in ensuring that the customers have peace of mind because they will receive constant updates of the shipped products. For customers who reside in Australia, the shipping charges costs are $ 12.95. For those who prefer express post shipping, it costs around $ 20 to do shipment within Australia. Once a customer has ordered an item and it has been shipped, the customer will receive an email with a tracking number. If the customer wants to track the ordered item then they can do that online through the following website:

When a customer makes an unlimited number of purchases within the same transaction, Brand House Direct will require that they pay a maximum of $ 18. The items will be shipped via a regular post or through a courier. They will then receive an email that the goods have been dispatched. There is also the option of ordering an item and collecting it at designated points across Australia.

Shipping Policies for International Customers

The company receives orders from customers all over the world; an international customer has to wait approximately 7-21 business days for their shipment to arrive depending on the location of the customer. To know how long it will take, Brand House Direct has a shipping timetable for its customers to refer to depending on where they are located. International orders also include online tracking for the peace of mind of the customer. For the international orders, Brand House Direct is not responsible for the taxes and levies that are charged on the products during shipment. The customer is required to consult the local government before making a purchase. This will enable a customer to be conversant with the taxes and levies that they will be required to pay to the government before receiving their ordered items.

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