Brand House Direct Online Store

Brand House Direct Online Store


Brand House Direct is an Australian online market that offers footwear for all gender and age and accessories. It has been in existence for more than 30 years and produces a variety of more than 45 brands and over 5000 items ready for auction. It offers reliable goods and services. The services offered include transportation of their products to the clients, original products and urgency of the product to the client is solved by the company as it values the trust of the client partnership. Brand House Direct offers safety and assurance shopping, 100% reliable products, quick and traceable transportation globally and one can upgrade to urgency transportation at a low cost in some goods in Australia. It is a secured shopping center. The company prioritizes client service.

Brand House Direct offers shipping services. For clients within Australia, all products are shipped through Australia Post, and that comprises of tracing the clients to avoid disturbing the clients on their businesses. Normal Australia Post transportation with tracing amounts $12.95. Other products are also available with direct post transportation option at $20. As soon as the item has been sent, the client is contacted with tracking number. The client can also trace the item by the use of a link, http:/ The highest amount for unlimited purchases in Australia is $18 and will be transported through standard Australia Post with tracing.

For a deposit in Parcel Locker which is the most secure location and a client can access it at any time, Brand House Direct also offers such services of shipping an item. Parcel Locker is found at many locations in Australia; clients can collect the item at their convenient time and gives alert information on the arrival of the parcel. For any information contact http:/ For international clients’ products, transportation may take 7 to 25 working days or even more days depending on the distance and reachability of the client the company is not responsible on taxes for items entering the target country.

Brand House Direct also offers a return policy. If a client is not pleased with the products, he or she gets refunded. Payment is always made through PayPal account hence the company allows PayPal to refund the clients’ money on the return of the items. The postage cost earned by a client in returning the product is paid back by PayPal. Brand House Direct strives to give its clients no stress return policy. As it is an online market, the clients are unable to fit in the item hence this return policy helps the client appreciate the market. The company gives 30 days’ allowance to govern return policy. To know more about return policy the client contacts the company who are ever ready to direct appropriately.

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